• How is Negativity Affecting Ozaukee Middle School Students Right Now?

    For most, schools are perceived as a negative place where there is too much homework, mean teachers, and too many rules. Even though we sometimes speak and act crudely in a school environment, we all know that positivity helps us a lot. In our school specifically, I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people are acting very negatively. Whether it is about homework, drama, or referring to themselves. Students talk negatively about themselves more than anything. I hear it and see it everywhere in our school. People say negative things to make them seem bad and laugh it off, when really, positivity is what keeps us going. I sent out a survey to all of the 6th and 7th graders to see what they thought about this. When I asked if they or their friends spoke negatively about themselves or others, the results showed that only 13.3% of people spoke positively on a regular basis. On the other hand, I asked if speaking positively or others speaking positively benefited them. 93.3% of people said yes. This shows how even though students enjoy receiving or giving positive affirmations, students struggle to carry out with that. Therefore, something needs to change. My goal is to promote positivity throughout our school, and create a better environment for students to be successful.

  • How did students react to “The Note”?

    To start, the note is a kind deed I began a couple weeks ago. It was a brightly decorated envelope containing 3 important papers. One being the kind words. Two being the instructions to pass on the note to another student. Three being a reflection of how the experience made you feel. The idea was, that when a student received the note anonymously, they would read it, follow the directions, and then pass it on secretly to someone else.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. But, I did get real results and and saw real feelings. I gave it to two trusted friends to start the project within their grade. When I introduced the idea, their faces lit up with excitement! I was happy to see results before it even began. When The Note was returned to me, I began to read over the responses. I was dissapointed to see that it didn’t go so well for a few. Although, for many others, it went pretty well! I saw it in action. It was good to see faces light up with excitement, although with some confusion too. More results of this project will be displayed in the seminar presentation on May 23rd.


  • Smile!