• Grad Grams are like a greeting card!  They are a personalized way to inspire, congratulate, and remember our OHS graduates.

     For just $1.00 each you can include a personalized message and decorate the page.

    Grad Gram pages can be purchased at various times and locations throughout the school year and are turned into the high school office by Friday, May 25. The individual pages are assembled into personalized booklets that are given to every graduating senior.

    How can I personalize my Grad Grams?

    You can simply write your own personal message directly on the Grad Gram and sign it. Use pens, markers, calligraphy, or a stencil. You can also attach a photo, stickers or any other decoration to dress up or individualize the Grad Gram for your senior.

    You can print a message or quote onto a separate piece of paper and attach it to the Grad Gram, or simply print directly onto the Grad Gram. Be as creative as you desire, as long as it conveys your thoughts and wishes!

    Who should give Grad Grams?

    OHS graduates will love to receive Grad Grams from family members (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins). Many families purchase Grad Grams early in order to mail them to relatives, who must return them prior to our May 25th deadline so they are sure to be included in the Grad Gram booklet. It’s a great way for family members and friends that live far away to be a part of your child’s graduation!

    TIP: Mail Grad Grams with winter Holiday Greetings or with Graduation Announcements.

    Teachers, coaches, scout leaders, youth group leaders, church members, employers, professionals, neighbors, and friends also enjoy giving Grad Grams to graduates! High school students are encouraged to give Grad Grams to their senior friends, classmates, and teammates!

    Get Your Grad Grams BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!!!

    Members of the Warrior Music Booster Club will sell Grad Grams at these events in December.

    Dec 7--Middle School Band and Choir Concert 

    Dec 7--Boys Varsity Basketball game

    Dec 11--High School Band and Choir Concert

    Dec 14--Girls Varsity Basketball game

    Payment is due when purchasing the Grad Gram.  Funds raised will support the Warrior Music Booster Club as well as fund scholarships for OHS Grads.  QUESTIONS?  Contact Liz Smith at mljnsm@gmail.com or (262) 689-8779.