Engaging STEAM Websites

  • Funology: At Funology, science is bound to get interactive. Make a tornado with water. Build a Jurassic Park terrarium. Or, simply torment your siblings with endless jokes about bugs and insects.

    Kids Do Ecology:  Every kid should be an ecological hero. Learn about biomes, blue whales and data collecting.

    Kids' Science Challenge (KSC): Hands-on science activities, games, cool videos, scavenger hunts

    NASA Kids' Club: At NASA Kids’ Club, it’s perfectly okay to fool around in space. You can use your science and math skills to explore Mars, construct a fleet of rockets or search for NASA spinoffs in your garage.

    NASA Space Place: Build your own spacecraft, play space volcanoes or browse through a gallery of sun images. When you’re at the Space Place, the universe is the limit.

    National Geographic Kids: Which do you think is cuter: the puffer fish or the clownfish? On this website, you can vote in polls, take part in eggs-periments, watch videos, play puzzles and learn amazing facts.

    Weather Wiz Kids: Meet meteorologist Crystal Wicker. She’s put together a website that explains everything about the weather. Find fun facts, games, flashcards and photos, plus get answers to your meteorological questions.

    Backyard Meteorologist: This site helps people understand what meteorologists do on a daily basis and how it can be done on one's backyard. 



What is STEAM Club

  • The OES STEAM Club is a group of OES 5th graders lead by Mrs. Colleen Meyer, Ms. Tania Mader, and Ms. Devin Scherff. It is an after-school club that meets bi-weekly on Thursdays after school from 4:00-5:00 to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math related problem-based activities. 

     In addition to the OES STEAM Club, these 3 teachers host a monthly grade level STEAM workshop for grades 2-5 to build interest in STEAM-related areas.  

Benefits of a STEAM Club

    • Provide an opportunity for OES students to engage in STEAM related learning activities in a variety of ways in an environment that is fun and supportive
    • Collaborate and learn from and with other OES students and outside adults
    • Nurture an interest in other STEAM learning opportunities and future careers